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Water purification system 6 stage Aqua home.

Reduces hardness in the water, and prevents minerals from binding and forming scale or spot buildup for the entire home including chlorine, iron, calcium, and magnesium , Rated to treat 64,000 Grains of Hardness by removing skin-damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and cause irritation.

Whole house water softener.

 whole house water softener, you will know you will have quality water delivered to your home! With a new efficiency boosting feature, the system knows precisely when to regenerate, saving water and salt usage up to 75% over conventional water softeners. Packed with features, this water softener system is perfect for families of four or less.

Whole house water filter alkalizing filtration and salt-free water conditioner

Alkalizing filtration and salt-free water conditioning.

Whole House Water Filters expand on our SMART Series to reduce and remove harmful contaminants as well as create higher alkalinity, making it enhanced in pH. These systems also have an Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane to remove micro-organisms. Eagle systems can be paired with a Salt-Free Water Conditioner to reduce scale buildup in your home.

water conditioner saltless

Stage 1—Water flows through two 2 types of coconut shell Granulated Activated Carbons (Premium & Catalytic GAC). These are meant to reduce contaminants such as heavy metals, i.e. lead & mercury, chlorine, chloramine, & inorganic products such as herbicides, pesticides, and petroleum/pharmaceutical by-products.

Stage 2—The GAC is infused with our Filtersorb SP3 Filter Media to prevent and reduce the potential growth of bacteria and algae.

Stage 3—Water flows through a 10” Carbon Block cartridge that removes VOCs (like commercial/industrial solvents, cleaners, paints, & dyes) and leaves you with the cleanest tasting water.

Reverse Osmosis / Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Reverses osmosis alkaline

Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System
Alkaine water filter system can powerfully remove pollutants, including chlorine, fluoride, arsenic. Say goodbye to the hidden dangers of tap water and eliminate the need to purchase bottled water for your home.

Powerful, yet compact UV disinfection system

The quality of drinking water can change with time and become contaminated with harmful bacteria. The Aqua home compact UV disinfection systems provide a reliable, economical,
and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water in any residential application. VIQUA’s range of products have been designed and tested to ensure quality drinking water is at everyone’s finger tips.


Well Water Solutions



Iron filter and softener package deal

Save by purchasing a package deal

Targets iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), and hardness

Capable of treating most homes

Durable 2510SXT digital controller

Treats a maximum flow rate of 9 GPM

Requires a minimum of 6.5 GPM for backwashing

Buy the Filox 15 and 48k softener both with the 2510SXT control head and save over $100 on the bundle. Filox will treat common levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor). The 48k softener will provide reliable soft water and is the ideal size for most homes.

Ultimate Whole Home Water Treatment System

Whole House Chlorine Injection, Mixing Tank, Filox Iron Filter, Upflow Carbon Filter, and 80k Water Softener -For Bacteria-Iron-Smells-Tastes-Odors-Hardness-up to 9 GPM
Comprehensive iron treatment for difficult problems

Chlorine injection kills bacteria and viruses and improves iron filtration

Mixing tank ensure proper chlorine treatment

Iron filter removes iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), and manganese

Carbon filter removes excess chlorine and other tastes, odors, and chemicals

High quality water softener removes hardness to prevent scale buildup

9 GPM maximum treatment flow rate covers most home use

Durable 2510SXT digital controller

Requires a minimum of 6.5 GPM for backwashing

This packaged chlorine injection system, mixing tank, iron filter, carbon filter, and water softener will address even the worst of iron problems, plus hardness. Chlorine injection kills iron bacteria as well as other common bacteria and viruses, with the mixing tank ensuring proper treatment. The Filox iron filter traps and removes iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), and manganese. The GreenFlo carbon filter removes any excess chlorine and reduces a wide range of other tastes, odors, and chemicals that may be in the water. The 48k softener finishes things off with a high capacity resin to soften the water.

Your affordable water treatment

Aqua Home Water Solutions

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